Opening Night in Phoenix

It’s here at last, after all the planning, rehearsing – online and in person, travelling, organising, writing and re-writing. Whew!

The play has evolved quite dramatically – and comically – since Brisbane. What a difference it makes playing with different people.  I am so glad this is the kind of company Thunder’s Mouth Theatre is. There is no standing still, either creatively, philosophically or intellectually when you work this way.

Our tech run went well, I just love Space 55.  It seats 50, the audience on risers, with a small stage area, black curtains at the back. Just perfect for Dame June to spring up and down, chatting to the audience, wandering at will into and out of the dark spaces of the mind, playing with, for and about Shakespeare’s language, and dealing with whatever events the evening happens to throw at her. Good luck, June!

Now, I’d better get those posters ready to stick up in the lobby, and drop around to the other venues I’ll be visiting over the next three days.  Better late than never – I trust.

Phoenix turns up the heat

Less than a month to go now, till Phoenix, Arizona gives itself up to two weeks of Fringe fabulousness.  In the meantime, here are some events to help you warm up for the adventure.

ArtSanity Art Detour Ash’s (unofficial) Fringe Fest Preview Review

Here at Thunder’s Mouth we have one more online rehearsal to go (using Skype), before I jump on a plane and head for Phoenix, via LA.  It will be such a joy to be in the same physical space.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology and I’m extremely grateful for it, but when the connection drops out every 5 minutes, or when the vision and sound quality leave a lot to be desired, it can be frustrating.

We are working on our promo material, in fact here’s a draft copy of our postcard.

June in Phoenix

I’m still not happy with it, looks a bit messy to me, so any suggestions from the design-wise out there would be most welcome. Leave a comment or drop me a line.