Am I Old Yet? The Company

Here is the Thunder’s Mouth Theatre company of actors who take part in episodes of the podcast.

Allana Noyes – Georgina (Georgie)

Allana and Flloyd recording Episode 5 “Caught Out”

Allana is an Australian actress and Voice and Speech teacher who lives in Toowoomba, Qld, Australia, with her husband Bob and Pluto the Wonder Dog.

Allana performs in Episodes 5 “Caught Out”, 8 “More Secrets”, and 20 “Rockhampton Daze”

Mark Porter — Jack — Postman

Mark is an actor/writer based in Liverpool. He can be seen on Amazon Prime in 2020’s “While We Wait” and stars in Rusty Apper’s “Artefacts of Fear” (October 2021). His crime comedy novels are available through Amazon, more details at To be honest, the words ‘cult hero’ and ‘international mega star’ spring to mind—if not quite now, then very very soon!

If you’d like to treat Mark to a cup of coffee (or a beer), just click here.

Jane Vicary — Pattie

Mark appears in Episodes 10 “Jack Who”, and 19 “Who’s a Keeper”

Jane appears in Episode 12 “Pattie’s Secret”

When Jane Vicary isn’t eating oysters in Whistable she lives in the Lake District and walks the fells. She is a freelance Voice and Text Coach and Director having previously been Head of Voice at ALRA North and the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. She trained at the Central School of Speech & Drama, wrote her dissertation on Voice and Gender which was published in the VASTA Journal of 2004 and has pursued the glories of a simple life ever since.

Christopher McDougall — Rene — Piotr/Charlie

Christopher’s recent acting credits include Davie McD/Sam/Tobias Grenfell in Tell Me A Story, produced by Kibo Productions for Zoom; Squire Bogey (and others) in Jack and the Beanstalk, with M&M Theatrical Productions; God in It’s Aboot Adam, at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe; Various characters in The Sherlock Holmes Experience, at Madame Tussaud’s, London; and Fairy G/Sugar Plum in Bad Cinderella, at the Cockpit Theatre, in December 2018.

In April 2021, alongside fellow producer Mark Hunter, he co-wrote, co-directed and was Musical Director on Robin Hood: A Virtual Pantomime, which took place on Zoom, and was very well received.

Christopher has written a new musical – Star Streaker: The Musical –which he hopes to revive in the not so distant future!

Find out more about what Christopher is doing at

Christopher appears in Episodes 14 “Hey Old Lady” and 15 “Oh Waiter”

Joanna Cazden—Esme

Joanna appears in Episode 18 “Esme Calls”

Joanna Cazden is an actor and singer/songwriter in California USA. She has an MFA from CalArts (favorite role: Puck in MSND) and has also appeared in dramatic roles with the Seattle Lyric Theater, and Sholem Community Players; music credits include several national tours in the 1970s feminist music movement, six solo albums, an ensemble CD with Pete Seeger, and a season as music director for Boston’s Caravan Theater. She is also a licensed speech pathologist specializing in vocal arts rehabilitation, and the author of Everyday Voice Care: The Lifestyle Guide for Singers and Talkers. Her pandemic-era songs “COVID Hard Times Come Again No More,” and “When the Whole World Opens Up Again,” can be found on all music platforms and at; contact

Amy Stoller — BethAnn

Amy Stoller (BethAnn) lives in New York. She spent her first act as an actor and is now enjoying her second act as a dialect designer/coach and dramaturge. You can learn lots more about her and her work at

Bibi the dog
Amy and Bibi appear in Episode 18 “Houston Calling”

Bibi the dog — Honey

Bibi is the Stoller System Client Morale Officer and is delighted to be making her podcast debut