Golden Age Theatre (Glasgow)

Before TMT, there was Golden Age Theatre…



Trocadero Productions, Princess Theatre, Brisbane 1998

“ . .. you have to admire the courage of a company who produces professional quality work without any government funding, and admire them I do.”                                                                                                                           Time Off

MADAME BUTTERFLY Puccini (additional text: Paul Sherman) (1997)

Operatif – 4MBS Festival of Fine Music – Cooparoo Secondary School

“When an opera audience gives a standing ovation and most have been moved to tears, someone is doing something right. The intimacy of this production by Operatif – directed with economic yet pointed detail by Flloyd Kennedy … gave it a poignant edge mostly missing in blockbuster operas.”                                                                                             Courier Mail, Brisbane

“this scaled down production did confirm that it is possible to present first rate opera that captures an audience musically and emotionally”              The Review, Brisbane

“Here was opera at its most basic yet most potent, intimately and simply staged, beautifully and dramatically sung..”’    Patricia Kells, Opera Magazine

“…director Flloyd Kennedy must take a major credit for intelligent management of play-plus-opera”       Val Vallis (former opera critic with The Australian and Opera UK)

SCOTLAND – Golden Age Theatre Company

CLOSER THAN EVER Richard Maltby Jr & David Shire (1995, Mayfest and Aberdeen) 

“… swept away by the sheer musicality and integrity of this show… cannot be recommended enough”

                                                                                                     Aberdeen Press & Journal

“excellent musicianship, slick staging, ritzy choreography… “                     Glasgow Herald

THE PROMISE Alexei Arbuzov (1994 Scottish tour) 

“a haunting quality piece of theatre”                                                       St Andrews Citizen

“Very much an ensemble piece … deserved better than the small audience which turned out”

                                                                                                                         Perth Courier

IPHIGENIA IN TAURIS Goethe (1993 Scottish tour) 

“ .. phenomenal skills of the cast and the lucid precision of the direction.. without the clutter of props and machines to distract from the poetry of the drama and the dynamics of the characters’ emotions”                                        The List

“..thoughtless directorial style.. rather effective plinky-plonky music.. still worth seeing”

                                                                                                                Scotland on Sunday

“tightly paced direction, a pared-down set, eerily effective lighting and music..”   The Herald

PERICLES William Shakespeare (1993 Edinburgh Festival Fringe) Golden Age Theatre

“audience left shocked to realise Shakespeare could be this good … enthralling ..nifty choreography… excellent acting ..action packed show – I loved it”                                                                                         Edinburgh Evening News

“…small space proves no restriction to Golden Age Theatre’s robust energy… they outreach their immediate environment to create a visually charged wider world… strength of the performances, tightly choreographed scenes, highly efficient lighting, striking use of music with a haunting score… truly absorbing”                                                                                       The Herald

THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER Alan Sillitoe adapted by Steven Jamieson and Paul Brennan (1992 Mayfest, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Scottish Tour and secondary schools tour)

“Superbly executed… performed with wit and raw energy”                       The Independent

“… highly charged and compelling performance”                                           The Scotsman

“powerful and poetic script, stark staging and talented commitments… “  Dundee Courrier

“…quality production…poetry in motion”                                     Edinburgh Evening News

“Minimally yet imaginatively staged and confidently performed … a funny, furious and passionate piece of drama”        The List

THE GOLDEN AGE Louis Nowra (1991 UK premiere, Cumbernauld, Scotland) 

“The cast are excellent, the music, sound and lighting unfaultable”      Scotland on Sunday

“..the company’s integrity and careful preparation shine through … superb physical and spoken acting”    The Scotsman

“ one of the most absorbing, moving and uplifting theatrical experiences of the year… “

                                                                                           Cumbernauld News & Chronicle