The View from Over-The-Hill

  • a programme of poetry and songs written and performed by Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy, and available to tour when it is possible to do so, as an entertainment, and with optional workshops.

Aussie-born singer-songwriter-performance poet Flloyd (with 2 Ells) Kennedy may be pushing into her eighth decade but this old lady certainly knows a thing or two. With two ukuleles and a kazoo, her collection of amusing songs and poems draws on her avalanche of memories from a life uproariously lived and wryly observed, taking comic stabs at the world around her which, quite frankly, seems to have lost the plot.

preview performance, live-streamed on 8th March 2022

Brilliant Flloyd….  a real pleasure.  Thank you.  Full of wit, feeling and wisdom.  Your lyrics and poems hide such depth of feeling and thought in their apparent simplicity.

Ted Gray

Your poems & songs created alot of emotion within all of us & brought back memories, happy & sad memories, of our own past!  At times I was laughing so much … at other times felt sadness … particularly because of the way the World is now & how much has changed during the last 11 days!

Karen Rachel Kennedy

Thank you so much for your beautiful show! I was wondering what will you sing in this difficult situation. And that was really fantastic! After to talk about President Zelenskyy’s speech in parliament, you gave us fantastic time and also gave us good energy. I enjoyed a wonderful time, and feeling really better. That war is really depression and you saved our feeling. Thank you very much! And about adapted song, I recalled good memories with my mother and slept happily.

Yuki (Tokyo)
recorded for The Narrowboat Sessions

No subject is too random. Pot plants, the apocalypse, Facebook, a paeon to Liverpool’s weather: there’s little that Flloyd’s gentle clown can’t set to poetry or music, her witty ramblings borne from the benefit of hindsight as she now limps down the other side of life’s hill.

performing at “We Want Women” Liverpool Arts Bar, 2021

Prepare for an eclectic show that’s authentic, funny and shoots straight from the heart. 

And if you don’t believe us, here’s what recent audiences thought about Flloyd’s last solo show “Yes! Because…”:

“Congratulations, Flloyd, such a fine variety of voices packed into one hour of pure entertainment!”

“U know when you’ve been ‘uked’ – straight to the quick and straight from the heart – incisive, heartfelt, and tingly fun.”

 “It made me both laugh and cry and was very honest too.”

Flloyd has been performing from the age of 6, and teaching and coaching performers, public speakers, students and business executives from the age of 40. “The View from Over-The-Hill” is available as a solo performance, and also with accompanying workshops to facilitate song and poetry writing and spoken word expression. Contact Flloyd directly for more details.

Individual songs from “The View from Over The Hill” and the album “Yes! Because.. the Songs” are available online via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer and other streaming services.

We are looking to tour the project to small scale venues, pubs, community centres etc when the time is right. Contact us here to enquire further.

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