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A novel use of the podcasting medium, “Am I Old Yet?” is a comedy drama series of short vignettes in the life of an elderly woman. Helen Docherty is in her late 70s, happily living on her own, except when her family decide to invade her space “to look after her”, or because they want her to fix them. Helen is determined to claim her space as ‘elder’, ‘senior’, ‘crone’ with dignity, honesty and joy. Although the dignity part is proving the most difficult…

“Flloyd Kennedy manages to be both accessible and sneakily subtle – a combination that never fails to have me hanging on to every word. This is whether in her podcasts which are deceptively domestic or her prolific poems or captivating and gently savage songs. They are all worth exploring.”    

 Frankie Armstrong

★★★★★ Just what is old?

You can’t help but love the lead character Helen as she tries to dodge the, “ Are you alrights,” from her family and she searches for the true meaning of the word “Old”

Flloyd is a master of timing and voices. Really enjoyable.

shaaaaaarz from the United Kingdom12:18 pm (EDT), May 26, 2021
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Flloyd Kennedy writes all of the episodes and also plays many of the characters—frequently accompanied by members of the Thunder’s Mouth Theatre company of artists.

The podcast episodes are released weekly, on Friday mornings. Unless you are in North or South America, in which case it will still be Thursday evening!

★★★★★ Clever tales in a unique woman’s voice

Flloyd’s mini-dramas are refreshing, witty and cleanly done. Acerbic yet sweet, like a fresh lemonade.

nirmalajc from the United States1:40 pm (EDT), May 22, 2021
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Very Interesting. Nice Stories and nice delivery. Looking forward to more

Fun 1894 (US)

You are welcome to join us on Patreon if you would like to become a regular patron/subscriber. For a small monthly donation you will receive naming rights over a new character, digital downloads of Flloyd Kennedy’s songs and poetry, Flloyd’s voice (character of your choice) for your voicemail. More benefits, or perks are added from time to time.