Welcome to TMT

O that my tongue were in the thunder’s mouth
Then with a passion would I shake the world 

Thunder’s Mouth Theatre (TMT) is an independent, professional touring company based in Liverpool, in the UK. Our productions combine well-crafted texts with live music, minimal sets, props and costumes.

We perform in small scale theatre spaces, community halls and and also with found objects in found spaces, hence our work is often site-specific.

Our current touring production Yes! Because..., directed by Ira Seidenstein, is available to book for your festival, venue, school, college or fund-raising event.

Fairy Bessie, from “Yes! Because…” Photograph © Jane Hobson.

Our next production “The View from Over The Hill”, written and performed by Flloyd Kennedy (@Flloydwith2Ells) will be available to tour (with optional songwriting/poetry writing/spoken word performance workshops) from 30th May 2020.