Thunder’s Mouth Theatre arrives in Phoenix

Here I am at last, in Phoenix, Arizona, resting up from the journey from Brisbane in preparation for rehearsals for our independent, professional production: The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will) – Dame June Bloom on tour!

Sunset, looking east.

Last night I was invited to a family reunion (the family of Micha Espinosa, my friend and colleague, and hostess here in Phoenix) at Scottsdale, just outside of Phoenix. We were treated to much warm hospitality, great food, wine and a fantastic sunset over the desert.

Today Micha took me to ASU to see the studio where we will be rehearsing in a couple of days time.  We begin working together on Wednesday, when Angela Giron (our local director), local actor Lauren Dykes and I will finally get to meet each other in person, and discover what it is like to work in the same room. Skype has been a great way to connect up online, but nothing beats actual physical presence to really get the sparks flying.

This is the first touring production for Thunder’s Mouth Theatre, and we are honoured to be included in the Phoenix Fringe Festival.

It looks like a terrific program, you will find the full schedule at the Phoenix Fringe website. And Micha tells me there is a lot more theatre going on in Phoenix than the Fringe over the next couple of weeks, and a lot of it is free.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with a whole lot of Phoenix theatre-makers while I am here.

Turn around. Yes, this was the other side of the sky.