Where to from here?

Thunder’s Mouth Theatre had a wonderful opening season.  The Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio is a small, intimate venue, tucked away in the heart of the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus, next door to the Schonell Theatre.

Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio
preparing for performance

Now that the dust has settled, the post-show blues have subsided and we are all moving onto our next projects, it is wonderful to reflect upon the creative journey that led us to this point, and to signal a few possibilities down the track.

First up is the Arizona Women’s History Project, which has invited Thunder’s Mouth Theatre to present “The Fall of June Bloom” in Phoenix, Arizona next March, as part of their celebration of the creative work of women. We will be working with a local actor, director and producer – all multi-talented women based in Phoenix who are as excited as I am by this international collaboration.

Then there are murmerings in the air about a possible venture to Sydney later in the year, to work with Sydney-based creatives, as well as the faintest of whisperings in the wind about possibly taking part in the Manchester (UK) NotPartOf Fringe Festival. We are following up all of these leads, holding onto our metaphorical hats so as not to lose our actual heads in the excitement.

And of course, if you would like to see Dame June Bloom and experience her inimitable teaching style and take part in her journey towards self-realisation at a venue near you, just say the word…