Are We There Yet?

Heading into our last performance, of this run, tonight, and the glorious answer to that question is, yes! and no!

Yes, because we are doing it, the script is being realised in voice and body, with light and sound to enhance the moments, in the company of an audience. Yes, because each performance is completely itself, the result of all the work that has gone into its preparation combined with the energy and delight that we and our audiences bring to it each night.

No, because there is – as Gertrude Stein once said – “no There there”. No, because it is always about the journey, it is always a process of creation, never a result. Of course, there are results, there are certain conclusions that each member of the audience will draw about the ideas expressed, the stories told, the relationships revealed (or concealed). That doesn’t mean we have to close off the journey, and hopefully there are enough questions posed and ideas proposed to keep us all pondering, imagining and finding even more questions well after the bump out happens later on this evening.

As I begin my preparations for tonight’s performance, I wonder where it will take me and my fellow performers, how we will be changed by the way our characters’ lives will evolve in the space with the particular people who will be in the audience on this occasion.  I know it will be somewhere else, a ‘there’ I have never visited before, and it will be somewhere from whence another journey will emerge.


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