Head Down, Tail Up (so to speak…)

Filming on “Cascade Gardens Grand Supreme” finished yesterday, and the wrap party in Richard’s back yard was a lovely way to unwind (thanks for the beer!).

June heading for summerThe weather is definitely shifting, I just opened up my room let warm air float around June’s travelling set (wardrobe included) and the advance tickets I’ve been printing out.

Lines are FINALLY settling inside my head – even though my heart has owned them for months.

And after the successful launch of the crowd-funding campaign, to raise money for marketing and videography – THANK YOU Sue Hillman, Micha Espinosa and Catherine Fitzmaurice – I’ve decided to throw in another ‘perk’. For a $25 contribution, you can have a ticket to the show PLUS a pdf with the lyrics of all the original songs. “The words are adorable and the tunes catchy” according to Kim McClelland.

Booking are open, only two weeks and a bit to go!



Our Production Partners

We are so very honoured to announce three sponsors for our forthcoming Brisbane season.

First to come onboard was Oblong+Son, graphic artists based in Newstead. The people at Oblong believe that “design is central to making our future sustainable, from communication to industrial design to urban planning and architecture. We also believe that progress towards a sustainable future is closely tied to the fight for social justice.”

oblong-logo1Oblong are designing our promotional materials, the posters and postcards will go to the printers shortly.

Next to join the team was the New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. With a grand and glorious history – check out their website for the lowdown – “What makes [New Globe Theatre] unique is the fact that it can be a multi-media venue. It’s got potential for theatre, cinema, music, all kinds of the arts are covered, and it is being utilised for that.”

New Globe Theater Logo (1) The New Globe is the venue for our Brisbane preview season, on 6th, 7th, 8th September 7 pm

And now, we can announce that the Queensland Brain Institute, specifically the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research, at the University of Queensland, has joined us as our Premier Sponsor.

QBI001Since opening less than two years ago, CJCADR scientists have made significant headway in dissecting neurodegenerative diseases, with exciting developments including earlier diagnosis using MRI and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease using ultrasound technology. The centre is one of the world’s larger centres focussed solely on research into the prevention and treatment of dementia.

Dame June Bloom has welcomed the CJCADR onboard with the comment “Yes, because I sincerely hope they get there before I do.”


Yes, Because… Dame June Bloom returns, by popular demand

Dame June Bloom is back! This time, she’s appearing in her own solo show, with ukelele. In fact, she has two, but she only plays one at a time.


Yes, because… is a brand new cabaret, or revue, or maybe a one woman variety show! Dame June Bloom – Shakespearean actor, scholar, poet, raconteur and singing clown has arrived back in town after an exhausting round-the-world lecture tour. But she’s always prepared to share her songs and poetry along with some of Shakespeare’s sonnets for anyone who shows up.

We’ve been in script development and rehearsal for several months, and now it’s time to try out on a few friends and relatives. After that – we hit the road!

Dame June Bloom is the alter ago of Flloyd Kennedy, who – like June – has been performing since the age of 6, when she danced and sang “Cincinatti Dancing Pig” at the Townsville Town Hall. Since then, she has lived, loved, studied, taught and performed in the UK, USA, Russia, Nigeria and NZ. Recent performances include Juliet’s Nurse in Romeo + Juliet, Mary’s Nurse in Maria Stuart, Juliet in A Tender Thing, Old Nun in Bullets for the Dead and busking on the green at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon.

“Yes, Because…” is directed by Ira Seidenstein.

And here’s a little taster…