And the audience said…

Just a few responses we got from audience members in Nanaimo, who came to see “Man Catches Fish”.

“Love the interactivity. A bad day’s fishing is better than a good day’s work.”

“FUNNY! CREATIVE! Lots of imagination at play. Are you fishing for compliments? You got ’em. Great show!”

“Before: I’m looking forward to a sizzling performance of a twisted morality cum passion play about the evils of good fishing. Who knows, eh? After: That’s what I got. Anybody got a frying pan?”

“Great characters! Lance, thoroughly enjoyed your brief life as a Fish, I tried to save you. Angela, wonderful performance. Please don’t feel like I’m playing favourites though, you’re all lovely, thanks for coming to Nanaimo.”

“Actually it was extremely well done. Good acting, entertaining, amazing with just a few props. Thank you! This show wasn’t farmed!”

Thanks to you, Across The Pond. It has been a total blast.