First Contact

Our first rehearsal, with director Angela Giron and actors Flloyd Kennedy and Lauren Dykes, took place this morning. Angela and Lauren are in Phoenix, Flloyd is in Brisbane. We had great hopes for Skype and the new Beta version for Mac, but it took a few goes to get all three of us hearing each other. Then we discovered that Skype advertises Group Video-Conferencing with the new version, but is pretty sneaky about the fact that it has to be paid for.

So, considering this is a play about the voice, we read through the text with no vision, and Angela had the first chance to hear the script spoken through. Altogether, a well worthwhile exercise.

I’ve now taken a month’s free trial with Skype’s Group Video-conferencing, I’ll let you know how that goes!

It seems that I am the only person in the world who still hasn’t seen the movie The King’s Speech. I will! I want to! Especially now that Angela has pointed out that it deals with the same ideas our play expresses, on the nature of the voice, and the voice as the expression of the self. The more – the merrier!

Revised script for Phoenix, this is how Wordle sees it.