“Create an Undiscovered Shakespeare Play” project

At last, the time has come. No more waiting for the scholars to emerge from the dusty backrooms with the sacred texts clutched to their bosoms, desperate to prove that their scholarship alone can validate the veracity of authorship. Now you can help to write a Genuine Shakespeare Play, every word already validated by 400 years of scholarship.

To take part, go to http://www.indiegogo.com/June-Bloom, and for as little as a $2 contribution to our production fund you can submit your favourite quote from Shakespeare, to be part of this Great New Work.  Send us your favourite quote, we’ll add it to the script which you can follow on the special “Undiscovered Shakespeare Play” page on this blog.  Go there now, to see how far we’ve got. (OK, it’s not very far, but  we have to start somewhere!)

If you’d like to contribute more than $2, there are some pretty amazing VIP perks on offer, from autographed copies of the poster to actual participation in the production itself.