Ukulele at the ready, June Bloom calls forth beautifully delivered Shakespearean sonnets as she transports her suitcase and her niggling mummy issues across the stages of life. Rap on, Dame June! Doug Honorof, Voice Coach, NYC

Doug Honorof

Flloyd Kennedy’s Yes, Because… is mesmerising, especially as it’s laced with Shakespeare Sonnets! The vocal pitch range she uses in the course of the show sets a brilliant example for young students who tend to stay within a very small compass.

Dr. Joan Melton, Musical Theatre Faculty, Manhattan School of Music, NYC (author of One Voice, Singing in Musical Theatre, and Dancing with Voice)

For an evening of laughter, whimsy and wit don’t miss “Yes, Because…”, Flloyd Kennedy’s solo show. You’ll spend an hour with a woman who will charm and touch you, make you giggle and guffaw, and do it while offering a refreshing, gently eccentric exploration of some Shakespeare sonnets. She sings and plays the ukulele, ponders … Continue reading “Paula Hoza”

Paula Hoza

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I was not disappointed. She was amazing and I laughed so much, as she is a master of comedy and everyone could relate to her songs. Flloyd has a unique talent in getting the audience to participate on her journey and it was a delight from start to … Continue reading “”

“I was captivated…..June’s storytelling and songs had me both laughing and crying in equal measure”


Yes, Because… is witty, quirky and intelligent. A genuinely entertaining piece, raw and inextricably funny! Flloyd Kennedy (Romeo and Juliet THAT Production Company, Mary Stuart QLD Shakespeare Ensemble) takes us through her journey of self-realisation in this one woman show. Integrating Shakespeare’s sonnets, Flloyd (Dame June Bloom) guides us through a montage of words with … Continue reading “Sally Peters”

Sally Peters

“I loved watching Flloyd in this heartfelt, honest and playful piece. Delightfully driven with stories, verse speaking and song, Flloyd brings such presence and power to her gorgeously vulnerable and funny Dame June” – Jane Barber

Jane Barber