Bedside Theatre – a New Genre?

Bedside Theatre - Gilbert AZ

Yesterday, Lauren and I came together for a rehearsal at the house where I am staying whilst in Phoenix. My hostess, Micha Espinosa, has her mother staying with her, and Mary-Lou is not very well at the moment. So we asked if she would like to see our performance, a special showing in her bedroom. As it happens, her daughter-in-law Barbara, who is visiting at the moment, is also not very well, so we had an audience of two.

Thus a new genre is born – Bedside Theatre!  Our production works fine in these conditions, as we don’t require any props or settings. We work with what we find at the performance site, so every performance is site-specific.

Professional photographer Sandy Ritson is also staying at the house at the moment, and he dropped in to snap away as we performed.

I find myself consistently typing “Bedsite Theatre” instead of “Bedside Theatre”. Perhaps my fingers are trying to tell me something? I’ve be very interested to know what you think. Bedside is exactly what it is, but BedSite has a ring to it too.
Or maybe it’s just too confusing, to clever by half.
Leave a comment. Maybe I’ll set up a poll.
And don’t forget to enter our competition for 2 free tickets. They are free to the winners, but not, sadly to us. Phoenix Fringe Festival charges us $5 for every comp we give away.
Oh, another thought. If you live in, or near Phoenix, and you know somebody who is bedridden, but would like to see our production, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. And if you would like to support such a performance by helping to cover our transport costs involved in taking the show to somebody’s bedside/site, we’d love to hear from you too.