Another Moment

Dame June has escaped!  She was last spotted in Liverpool, in disguise, but a fan recognised her and sent in some video of her performing at an Open Mic session in the Baltic Triangle.

A Moment in Time

Dame June is busy rehearsing. That ukulele won’t play itself. Feel free to share!  @UnitedSolo @TheatreRowNYC @DameJuneBloom United Solo Performance Festival – how to book tickets information is here  

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On the Campaign Trail

The publicity campaign, that is.  Always a challenge, so here is my latest version of a quick promo image to shoot out on social media. Click on the image for more information and Box Office. And I’d like to re-acknowledge my gratitude to the gorgeous Barb Lowing for the photography, the fabulous Emma Moubarak of Oblong+Son for the image design, and …